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Formula C16H23NO2
CAS number of substance 93148-46-0
Molar mass of the substance 261.37 g·mol−1
Purity of the preparation > 99.7%
Full chemical name (RS)-isopropyl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate
Other names IPH, IPPH, and IPPD
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What is Isopropylphenidate (IPH)?

isopropylphenidate for sale : IPH is a research chemical that falls under the piperdine class of chemicals. It is a synthetic stimulant. IPH is very similar to the chemical methylphenidate, and it produces nearly identical research findings. Chemical researchers who conduct experiments with IPH commonly see the following results: stimulation, increased focus and concentration, appetite suppression, enhanced productivity levels, cognitive euphoria, increased libido, time distortion, and increased heart rate. Always use proper laboratory safety procedures, as higher measurements can be much more potent.

Where to buy Isoproplphenidate?

Here at, we sell extremely high-quality IPH. Our IPH typically comes in the form of powder. However, if you would prefer another form of IPH for your research experiments, then feel free to inquire with us. We may be able to provide you with another type. You must be over the age of 18 and in full legal compliance with the laws of your nation in order to buy IPH from us. We accept all major credit cards in addition to the cryptocurrency Bitcoin for optimum discretion. Same-day shipping is also available for many countries.  

Isopropylphenidate Legality

IPH is illegal in both Germany and the UK. However, it is unscheduled in many other nations and is thus legal in many places. However, it could potentially be illegal in nations with strong analogue laws such as the United States. Isopropylphenidate (IPPH) is a phenidate class stimulant that appeared in the research chemical market in the 2010s. It primarily offers functional stimulation and comes with little recreational potential. The substance is often said to be relatively good for focus and it could potentially be a good drug for those with ADHD. However, due to its research chemical status, we don’t know the drug’s long-term safety. isopropylphenidate for sale
Isopropylphenidate = IPPH; IPH; IPPD PubChem: 68314762 Molecular formula: C16H23NO2 Molecular weight: 261.365 g/mol IUPAC: propan-2-yl 2-phenyl-2-piperidin-2-ylacetate
Total: 3 – 5 hours Onset: 00:30 – 00:45
Total: 2 – 4 hours Onset: 00:02 – 00:10
Light: 5 – 15 mg Common: 15 – 30 mg Strong: 30 – 40 mg
Light: 5 – 10 mg Common: 10 – 20 mg Strong: 20 – 30 mg buy isopropylphenidate, isopropylphenidate dosage, isopropylphenidate vendor

10 G, 15 G, 15 G, 25 G, 50 G

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