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250 microgram(μg) LSD Blotters

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200 microgram(μg) LSD Vials

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Allpsychedelicmeds consist of a diverse team of medical and business professionals, psychedelic experts, activists and patient advocates. We began with nothing but our patients health in mind. We have spent countless hours researching quality psychedelics medication for our patients.  Let us do all of the hard work and bring you Premium psychedelic drugs that you’ve been looking for like lsd, dmt vape pen, MDMA ecstasy pills, ketamine, ayahuasca, dmt, Iboga, and all the weird variation of magic mushrooms such as psilocybe cubensis spores syringes, mushroom chocolate and all potent strains for microdosing mushrooms including penis envy cubensis, liberty caps, cuban cubensis, golden teacher etc.

Our tested and safe to consume psychedelics for sale, microdosing mushrooms, mushroom capsules, shroom chocolate and accessories will allow you to get the best quality for all of your depression anxiety needs and many other health issues.

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